Sunday, August 23, 2015

Last day at the MDH

I've spent the last 3 weeks moving and getting settled in to Philadelphia.

All loaded up! Next stop, Philly!

New home for a while

My new neighborhood

My new place, all snazzified

I was burning up vacation time, and the other day I flew back to Minnesota to work my last few days at the Minnesota Department of Health. I worked there for just under three years, and I have to say I really did enjoy being there, and I think I'll take some great experience with me into my PhD adventure and beyond. The people were all especially great.

We all went for lunch at Black Sheep Pizza in St. Paul, one of my favorites!

I did a lot of smelting adventures with my old roommate, and I'd bring in the resulting...results. My supervisor had this t-shirt created for me as a result :D

Kurdish lemonade, from Babani's, my favorite restaurant in the Cities, is the best brainfuel for discussing research presentation collaborations. My coworker Emily agreed to help me put together a presentation for a karst conference in Puerto Rico coming up this January.

Picked up one of my favorite paintings of St. Paul to bring back to Philly.

...also, this :D People of Philly need to be introduced to hot dishes.

So long for now, Minneapolis.

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