Sunday, August 23, 2015

Minnesota Karst: One More Time

Southeast Minnesota is one of my favorite places on this planet. It's a topographic gem within the state that many people don't seem to know about (I admit I didn't until college). It was protected from the most recent glaciation by some interesting glacier/topography interaction, so it stands out from the state's generally flat landscape with its many deep stream valleys. Considering I spent a very influential part of my life in this landscape, becoming both a geologist and a pilot, I could wax poetic on it forever.

Coming up on the end of my time in Minnesota, Crystal decided on taking a day trip down to Lanesboro, a wonderful little city down in the Root River Valley, with bike trails and tubing along limestone bluffs. There's also some amazing pie in Whalan at Aroma's Pie Shop.

I was glad to be able to make this little trip one more time before I go. It's something we've done a number of times over the last few years, both in the summer and the winter, and it's always a good time. We all ate lunch at Pedal Pusher's Cafe, then went tubing down the Root River.

You could probably guess why I love this part of the state :D

Now and Then, posing at the karst sign near of Fountain. Spring 2009 (left), summer 2015 (right).

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