Saturday, January 9, 2016

First Semester Recap: Geo-Cake!

To celebrate the end of my first semester back in the world of geo-learning, I (with the help of Emily, another of the grad students) made some geology-themed cakes for our labs. Delicious and educational!

Creating the layers. The one in the foreground is supposed to be a chocolate-chip conglomerate

Neither of us had done this before, but we figured we'd just make a few small layers individually, then weld them together with some fudge or frosting. It actually turned out not half-bad!

Nearly done! From top to bottom: rice crispy aquifer (both vadose and phreatic), conglomerate, basalt, and metamorphic basement rock.

Adding a little sugary geomorphology.

Excavation! A final chance to explain some layer-cake geology, and plenty of sugar for their minds to process it.

We ended up making two batches of cakes (since we had labs at different parts of the week) and had the system down pretty good by the end. Pretty much all of the cakes got eaten up between the labs, faculty, and other random students. A success! Would do again.

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