Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer Fieldwork Update

In summary:

Not sure if waders leaking or just really sweatty

Fieldwork has been off and on for most of the summer, wading in springs and streams, looking for that elusive data. We've done some baseflow spring sampling, but we really need some storms to hit our spring sites. Until then, most of my days in the lab consist of staring at radar, hoping a storm will hit...

disappointed storm watching

I also found a cool sinking stream near one of my sites which I'm hoping to test some fun dye tracing ideas at!


While testing out a CO2 logger at another one of the sites, another karst hydrologist came with and spotted a bunch of mint growing in one of the springs! It was delicious.

karst spring mint

Even though I ate all the leaves off of one of the plants, I decided to take it back to the lab anyway. It's been doing pretty well, and on the road to a full recovery, thanks to my Groundwater Modeling Center cup (and also probably because it's a weed...).

growing mint

Also, just in time to get an abstract submitted to the National Geological Society of America meeting, we got the rare earth element analyses back from our springs! We're still trying to make sense of the results, as they aren't quite jiving with our expectations (but that's how science goes sometimes).

Now, if you excuse me, I have to go watch a storm miss my spring sites...again.

storms on radar

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